The Adventures of Yacht Boy
Book 1

Shakedown Cruise


Shakedown Cruise Overview

Nothing could have made Adrian more frustrated and upset than having to give up soccer, his friends from school and online gaming to spend a year trapped on a boat with his older sister, parents and thirteen strangers --for a whole year! Unaware that the best water toys imaginable and months of outrageous homeschooling await him, he boards the vessel with a surly, suspicious attitude. Oddly enough, there isn’t one textbook insight, but Adrian and his sister Grace are too busy to notice.


A surprise visit from school friends at Christmas time ignites a week of fun power-touring on the island of Antigua as five teenagers leave the adults behind and roam the island seeking adventure and thrills.

Join Adrian Abercrombie and his family aboard a 66m superyacht that has its own pool and gym, for many epic adventures at sea.

Will Adrian return to online gaming or embrace all that life-at-sea has to offer?

Could you give up your life, as you know it, to travel the world? How and where would you fit in aboard?

Welcome aboard Motor Yacht Arabella … your adventure at sea awaits!

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Anne Marie Peterson


Anne Marie "Annie" Peterson is a 3rd generation native San Franciscan. She spent her youth sail racing SF Bay and cruising the California coast as a sea scout and achieved the rank of Quartermaster (Boy Scouts of America Sea Explorer Program). An avid traveler and adventure seeker, the world provides inspiration for the many oil paintings and stories she creates from exotic destinations. When she is not writing or helping others heal their consciousness for optimal health, she spends her time with her husband and two young children in Los Angeles.

Jon Tocchini


Jon Tocchini is an artist born and raised in San Francisco, California. He received his B.F.A. degree from the Academy of Art University, Fine Art School, San Francisco, CA, USA. He is a member of the California Art Club (CAC) and Associate Member of the Oil Painters of America (OPA).


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